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SimpleX Chat reviews and v4.3 released – with instant voice messages, irreversible deletion of sent messages and improved server configuration.

06 Dec 2022

SimpleX Chat November reviews:

Privacy Guides recommendations.

Review by Mike Kuketz.

The messenger matrix.

Supernova review and messenger ratings.

v4.3 is released:

  • instant voice messages!
  • irreversible deletion of sent messages for all recipients
  • improved SMP server configuration and support for server passwords
  • privacy and security improvements: protect app screen, SimpleX links security, etc.
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Security assessment by Trail of Bits, the new website and v4.2 released

08 Nov 2022

"Have you been audited or should we just ignore you?"

SimpleX Chat security has been assessed by Trail of Bits, 4 issues were identified, and 3 of them are fixed in v4.2.

The new website is live:

v4.2 is released:

  • group links — admins can create the links for new members to join
  • auto-accept contact requests + configure whether to accept incognito and welcome message
  • small things: change group member role, mark chat as unread, send stickers and GIFs from Android keyboards.
  • manually switch contact or member to another address / server (BETA)
  • receive files faster (BETA)
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SimpleX Chat v4.0 with encrypted database is released

28 Sep 2022


  • encrypted local chat database — if you already use the app, you can encrypt the database in the app settings
  • support for self-hosted WebRTC ICE servers
  • improved stability of creating new connections: more reliable groups, files and contacts
  • deleting files and media — for security and to save storage
  • For developers — TypeScript SDK for integrating with SimpleX Chat
  • support animated images in Android app
  • German language in mobile apps UI
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Simplex Chat

22 Oct 2020

The prototype of SimpleX Messaging Server implementing SMP protocol.

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