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Accessing messages in the database

Decrypting databases

In order to view database data you need to decrypt it first. Install sqlcipher using your favorite package manager and run the following commands in the directory with databases:

sqlcipher files_chat.db
pragma key="youDecryptionPassphrase";
# Ensure it works fine
select * from users;

If you see Parse error: no such table: users, make sure you entered correct passphrase, and you have changed passphrase from random in Android app (if you got this database from Android device, of course).

SQL queries

You can run queries against direct_messages, group_messages and all_messages (or their simpler alternatives direct_messages_plain, group_messages_plain and all_messages_plain), for example:

-- you can put these or your preferred settings into ~/.sqliterc
-- to persist across sqlite3 client sessions
.mode column
.headers on
.nullvalue NULL

-- simple views into direct, group and all_messages
-- with user's messages deduplicated for group and all_messages;
-- only 'x.msg.new' ("new message") chat events - filters out service events;
-- msg_sent is 0 for received, 1 for sent
select * from direct_messages_plain;
select * from group_messages_plain;
select * from all_messages_plain;

-- query other details of your chat history with regular SQL, for example:
-- files you offered for sending
select * from direct_messages where msg_sent = 1 and chat_msg_event = 'x.file';
-- everything catherine sent related to cats
select * from direct_messages where msg_sent = 0 and contact = 'catherine' and msg_body like '%cats%';
-- all correspondence with alice in #team
select * from group_messages where group_name = 'team' and contact = 'alice';

-- aggregate your chat data
select contact_or_group, num_messages from (
    contact as contact_or_group, count(1) as num_messages
    from direct_messages_plain group by contact
    group_name as contact_or_group, count(1) as num_messages
    from group_messages_plain group by group_name
order by num_messages desc;
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