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Download SimpleX apps

The latest stable version is v5.4.0.

You can get the latest beta releases from GitHub.

Desktop app

desktop app

Using the same profile as on mobile device is not yet supported – you need to create a separate profile to use desktop apps.

Linux: AppImage (most Linux distros), Ubuntu 20.04 (and Debian-based distros), Ubuntu 22.04.

Mac: x86_64 (Intel), aarch64 (Apple Silicon).

Windows: x86_64.

Mobile apps

iOS: App store, TestFlight.

Android: Play store, F-Droid, APK aarch64, APK armv7.

Terminal (console) app

See Using terminal app.

Linux: Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04.

Mac x86_64, aarch64 - compile from source.

Windows: x86_64.

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