Join SimpleX Chat team

SimpleX Chat Ltd is a seed stage startup with a lot of user growth in 2022-2023, and a lot of exciting technical and product problems to solve to grow faster.

We currently have 4 full-time people in the team - all engineers, including the founder.

We want to add up to 3 people to the team.

Who we are looking for

Application Haskell engineer

You are an expert in language models, databases and Haskell:

  • expert knowledge of SQL.
  • exception handling, concurrency, STM.
  • type systems - we use ad hoc dependent types a lot.
  • experience integrating open-source language models.
  • experience developing community-centric applications.
  • interested to build the next generation of messaging network.

You will be focussed mostly on our client applications, and will also contribute to the servers also written in Haskell.

iOS / Mac engineer

You are an expert in Apple platforms, including:

  • iOS and Mac platform architecture.
  • Swift and Objective-C.
  • SwiftUI and UIKit.
  • extensions, including notification service extension and sharing extension.
  • low level inter-process communication primitives for concurrency.
  • interested about creating the next generation of UX for a communication/social network.

Knowledge of Android and Kotlin Multiplatform would be a bonus - we use Kotlin Jetpack Compose for our Android and desktop apps.

About you

  • Passionate about joining SimpleX Chat team:

    • already use SimpleX Chat to communicate with friends/family or participate in public SimpleX Chat groups.
    • passionate about privacy, security and communications.
    • interested to make contributions to SimpleX Chat open-source project in your free time before we hire you, as an extended test.
  • Exceptionally pragmatic, very fast and customer-focussed:

    • care about the customers (aka users) and about the product we build much more than about the code quality, technology stack, etc.
    • believe that the simplest solution is the best.
    • 2-3x faster than the most competent people you worked with.
    • focus on solving only today's problems and resist engineering for the future (aka over-engineering) – see The Duct Tape Programmer and Why I Hate Frameworks.
    • do not suffer from "not invented here" syndrome, at the same time interested to design and implement protocols and systems from the ground up when appropriate.
  • Love software engineering:

    • have 5y+ of software engineering experience in complex projects,
    • great understanding of the common principles:
      • data structures, bits and byte manipulation
      • text encoding and manipulation
      • software design and algorithms
      • concurrency
      • networking
  • Want to join a very early stage startup:

    • high pace and intensity, longer hours.
    • a substantial part of the compensation is stock options.
    • full transparency – we believe that too much autonomy hurts learning and slows down progress.

How to join the team

  1. Install the app, try using it with the friends and join some user groups – you will discover a lot of things that need improvements.

  2. Also look through GitHub issues submitted by the users to see what would you want to contribute as a test.

  3. Connect to us via SimpleX Chat to chat about what you want to contribute and about joining the team.

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