This link is the invitation from a SimpleX Chat user

If you already installed SimpleX Chat for the terminal v1.0.0+, copy the command below and use it in the chat:

Copy to clipboard

Scan QR code from mobile app

To make a connection:

  1. install SimpleX app
  2. tap the button below
  3. tap Connect button in the app

To install SimpleX Chat for the terminal

use this command:

curl -o- | bash Copy to clipboard

See SimpleX Chat GitHub repository for the instructions how to download or compile it from the source code.

Use SimpleX

SimpleX chat terminal client v2.0.0 is released!
– groups and files
– two-layer E2E encryption, with double-ratchet algorithm
– protocol is compatible with mobile apps

You can use our servers or deploy your own, e.g. using StackScript on Linode.

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